Uncle of fallen officer remembers nephew as 'great Memphis police officer'

Uncle of fallen officer remembers nephew as 'great Memphis police officer'
The uncle of the Memphis police officer shot and killed in the line of duty said the past few months have been difficult for his family.
Sean Bolton died Saturday, Aug. 1, while conducting a traffic stop in southeast Memphis.
Just weeks prior, however, Sean's uncle Greg tells Region 8 News there was another death in the family.
On July 2, Robert Bolton, Sean's father passed away.
Now, after losing his brother and nephew, Bolton is trying to come to grips with it all.
"What kind of person does this?" Greg Bolton said.
Region 8 News spoke with Bolton before he left for Sean's funeral proceedings in Memphis.
"He had to deal with the worst of the worst," Bolton said.
For five years, Officer Sean Bolton put his life on the line for the Memphis Police Department. Greg Bolton was proud of the profession his nephew chose.
"He was just a great Memphis police officer, as all of them are," Bolton said. "He was doing his job. That's all he wanted to do."

Over the weekend though, it was one of what Bolton called the "worst of the worst," that marked Officer Bolton's End of Watch.

"These guys never know what they're walking up on," Bolton said. "He was killed for nothing, you know? A little dope charge."

Bolton said now it's time for people to step up and say "enough is enough."

"We don't have to put up with it," Bolton said. "We can offer prayer for all these people, we can ask God to start blessing this nation again."

As for a message to the man accused of taking his nephew's life, he said the ultimate judgment will come from above.

"There's no parole. There's no pardon. You're going to one of two places when something happens. You're gonna go to heaven or go to hell," Bolton said.
He said he takes comfort in knowing which of those two places Sean is in now.
"Right now, Sean is talking to his dad," Bolton said.

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