Court Sets Bail for Two Big Cases

February 18, 2005--Posted 6:30 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--Bond has been set in two notable Craighead county cases.  Both Lee Evans and Kitaki Lauderdale were given bonds well over one hundred thousand dollars, and one has already posted bail.


Lee Evans is being accused of shooting local attorney Bill Webster.  Webster was shot two days after Christmas.  Witnesses of a previous shooting say they say Evans at the scene.  Soon after both Craighead andSharp County authorities issued warrants for Evans arrest.  After several days of looking Evans was caught in Florida.


After nearly two months Evans was finally brought in to a Craighead County courthouse.  He looked confused and unaware at times.  He even told the judge to ‘do what you want to do.’  When asked about bail, Evans said he didn’t know anything about it and added it didn’t matter what the judge was going to do because ‘I don’t have a dime to my name.’  The judge then asked the prosecution what they suggested and came up with one million dollars as Evans’ bail.


Authorities say Kitaki Lauderdale was caught with more than three pounds of illegal substances in his possession.  Authorities raided his home around noon Thursday and pulled him over down the road.  After a quick search of his vehicle, authorities say Max the drug dog found multiple kilo’s of drugs.


Prosecutors asked for a half a million dollar bond be set for Lauderdale.  But Lauderdale’s attorney argued the amount down to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  Lauderdale has already posted bond.