Jonesboro Police find kids torturing a cat for the second time this summer

Jonesboro Police find kids torturing a cat for the second time this summer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Police Department found kids torturing a cat for the second time this summer.

According to police reports, an officer was patrolling Easy Street in Jonesboro when a woman stopped him complaining about some neighborhood kids.

The witness said she saw the kids beating a gray kitten.

According to her statement, the kids were holding the cat down and beating it with a switch and a football.

The police officer said when he walked over to the group of about 7 kids they said they accidentally hit it with a football.

The police saw no obvious injuries to the kitten, but had animal control take the kitten to prevent any more mistreatment to the animal.

After speaking with the kids, the officer realized some of the kids were the same ones related to another, recent animal cruelty case nearby.

In mid-June police responded to a call on North Madison Street where a homeowner had found a mangled, dead cat in his backyard.

According to the police report, the officer found a dead gray kitten that was "in 3-4 pieces, as if its arms and legs were ripped out of its body."

Animal Control was called out to the scene to take pictures of the dead cat, gather information and remove it.

Officers on the scene took statements from the neighbors and the residents of the home.

Region 8 News spoke with some neighbors around the 2 streets to see what they thought about the similar incidents.

Many neighbors were shocked this was going on around their homes.

One neighborhood teenager said he would like it to stop.

"It's wrong and if anybody knows who is doing it or anything then they should report it," Kaylah Sharp said.

Both cases have been turned over to the juvenile division.

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