Every JHS student will have take home laptops this year

Every JHS student will have take home laptops this year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Students at Jonesboro High School will have their own laptops this fall.

The Jonesboro School System has been piloting a one-to-one laptop program for the past 2 years in one academy.

The success of the program caused them to add the additional laptops they needed so that each student could have their own laptop at Jonesboro High School.

Students will have the option of taking it home or leaving it at school.

Principal Leigh Anne Rainey said she believes that technology is now a critical key to a student's education.

"Our students that have had the one to one laptops, it's an unbelievable experience that they've had," Rainey said. "We've had less problems with those.  They have better access. Our whole faculty is moving to an online platform."

Rainey said they did have several laptops stolen last year, but because the laptops are now one-to-one she believes it will be easier to keep track of them.

"Every issue we had last year was not a one-to-one computer," Rainey said. "It was the multi-user interface computers. When the students are issued a one-to-one computer, their name is attached to that one particular number. They are very protective of that."

Rainey said the school system also has all of the latest technology needed to track where the laptops are at all times.

More than anything, Rainey said she is excited the students will have this opportunity because it's preparing them for college courses based on online platforms.

"They will already understand how to use an online platform," Rainey said. "So when they do get to college they won't be surprised. The learning curve is going to be the actual coursework."

Rainey said they will distribute the Macbook Airs on the first day of school.

They will be providing laptops for around 1,100 students.

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