A-State Men's Basketball helps Make-A-Wish grant Brenten's wish

A-State Men's Basketball helps Make-A-Wish grant Brenten's wish

JONESBORO, AR (astateredwolves.com) – The Arkansas State University men's basketball team partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation on Aug. 8 to grant the wish of a lifetime for a young man with a life threatening health condition.

Brenten Cox was selected to have his wish come true of playing basketball with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James. Brenten arrived at the Convocation Center on Saturday for a pickup game against the A-State men's basketball team not knowing his wish would be granted after the game.

"Today was a very important day for Brenten, as far as treatments go," said Make-A-Wish volunteer and event coordinator June Long. "He's at the end of his scheduled treatments, but they've added some more. For him to play basketball with the Red Wolves was amazing and we can't thank A-State enough for their support."

"Brenten met with the players and those guys were so happy to help with this and they wanted to make this the most fun event for him and they clearly exceeded," Long added. "These players are big boys with hearts of gold and they made such a huge impression on the friends and family in attendance."

A large crowd of supporters donning "Team Brenten" shirts awaited the entrance of the Sloan Hendrix Greyhounds and members of the Red Wolves basketball team. After a brief warm-up, members of each team were introduced to the crowd with Brenten getting a roaring applause.

Led by several points from Brenten, Sloan-Hendrix won the game 48-43. After the game, all members of the Greyhounds received a trophy commemorating the day and the MVP trophy was presented to Brenten.

During the presentation, Matt Stolz asked Brenten, 'who his favorite basketball player of all-time is,' with Brenten responding, "LeBron James." Stolz, A-State's radio play-by-play voice, asked Brenten if he remember that his wish was to meet LeBron James. Brenten said yes and Stolz informed the young man that he would be traveling to Cleveland to meet and shoot around with LeBron James on Tuesday.

Brenten was clearly speechless after learning that Make-A-Wish had granted his wish. A-State head coach John Brady then presented Brenten with an autographed basketball and a practice jersey with the No. 23.

"There was a lot of love inside the Convocation Center for Brenten today," Brady said. "We will be praying for Brenten and we hope he has a great time with LeBron next week."

Brenten's fight against a brain tumor continues, but Long said days like Saturday with Make-A-Wish are very important.

"Days like today are very important to get the families out of the hospital," Long said. "We were so pleased to have Arkansas State help us reveal that his wish was granted."