Jonesboro mayor seeks AR Attorney General's opinion about posts on city-run Facebook page

Jonesboro mayor seeks AR Attorney General's opinion about posts on city-run Facebook page

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro E-911 dispatch removed Bible verses from Facebook after the city receives complaints from an out of state group.

A organization out of Madison, Wisconsin, Freedom From Religion Foundation, sent a letter to Mayor Harold Perrin stating official government websites cannot promote religion.

Here is the full letter.

Mayor Perrin consulted with the city's attorney once the complaints were brought to his attention.

According to the Director of Communications, Fritz Gisler, the attorney agreed these quotes should not be on an official government page.

The mayor said he was elected to uphold the law and serve the people.

Since the Supreme Court says government cannot promote or advance religion, he asked the Jonesboro E-911 dispatch to delete the posts.

Gisler said he and the mayor have decided now make an overall policy guideline for social media and government pages.

Gisler will gather all the policies and make a comprehensive guideline for all social media for the future.

In a statement released Monday, Mayor Perrin said he has requested a legal opinion from Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge as to the legality of putting posts that may contain religious content on city-run Facebook pages.

Perrin said in the meantime, the City of Jonesboro will continue to post items on our Facebook pages that are inspirational and uplifting.

While the mayor said he is doing his job by making sure the city obeys the law, some people in Jonesboro question why an organization in Wisconsin should dictate what Jonesboro city government does.

Many people took to social media to express their outrage and concerns with the city's decision.

"I don't have a problem with them quoting Bible verses, it is just as good as quoting Ben Franklin or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi, especially if they are uplifting quotes," Charlie Potter said.

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