Medic One requests to be put on 911 rotation in Paragould

Medic One requests to be put on 911 rotation in Paragould
A Jonesboro based ambulance service hopes to expand into a neighboring county. But before making any moves, they are seeking approval from the city council.
Medic One Ambulance went before the Paragould City Council Monday night to request to be put on rotation for 911 calls.
Right now, Arkansas Methodist Medical Center is the sole ambulance provider in Paragould. According to council members, AMMC has three ambulances. Greene County has a population of roughly 45,000.
While Medic One can get a permit to work in the city without permission from the council, Medic One President Ryan Kibler explained that he also wants to be put on 911 rotation.
Kibler said he wants to bring the ratio of people per ambulances down.
"We already assist in this community taking out of towns," Kibler said. "This will allow the citizens to get care quicker.  I really think you have a great hospital here, you have a great community and I would like to ask you to allow us to be a part of it."
Kibler told council members that to begin with, he would station one ambulance in town. He explained that he would conduct a pin study to find the best location for his business.
Kibler also said that if he were to be put on rotation and come to Greene County, it would create more jobs for Paragould.
Council members agreed to discuss the issue again at their next meeting.
Since they only received information on Medic One before the meeting, they hope to spend the next two weeks speaking with constituents and AMMC about the possibility of another ambulance service in town.

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