Quorum court gets heated during discussions on data storage

Quorum court gets heated during discussions on data storage
Discussions about expanding data storage in Craighead County got heated at Monday night's regularly scheduled quorum court meeting.
Two weeks ago, Justices of the Peace were made aware that the amount of data storage that the county had left was at a critical point.
"Coming into the year, around January, we recognized some latency issues," Erin Johnson told the quorum court.
Johnson serves as the IT Director for Craighead County.
Johnson told Justices of the Peace that the county grew faster than they anticipated, resulting in the "critical point" of storage at 95% full.
"The solution to the problem that we've been working with is to increase our data storage and we're looking five years ahead," Johnson said.
Johnson said a company named Presidio helped them work through data storage issues this year to try and delay purchasing more data storage.
Johnson told Justices of the Peace that since they have worked with Presidio multiple times in the past and because Presidio is a state contracted company, they planned to continue working with them on getting more data storage for the county.
At the last council meeting, Johnson estimated the work they'd need done would cost at least $75,000.
Not all Justices of the Peace were on board with Johnson's proposal though.
"I don't feel comfortable with any of this until I see another bid," JP Josh Longmire said. "I'm not voting for it."
JP Longmire was very vocal about seeing more bids before moving forward with Presidio.
"We want to get the product implemented before we are in dire straits, before we are in more dire straits than we already are," Assistant to Craighead County Judge Tony Thomas said.
"Okay, well we can wait a couple weeks to get another bid," JP Longmire said.
Johnson estimated it would take roughly four weeks to get other quotes in place.
In the end, the majority voted to let Johnson move forward with fixing the data storage issue. However, they will look into more quotes from different companies and present those to the court before making a final decision.
Justices Bowers, Bryant and Longmire voted against the resolution regarding data storage.
Justice Hoggard was absent and Justices Render and Meadows abstained from voting.
Because the resolution was to simply let Johnson move forward with finding a solution and did not discuss a specific dollar amount being spent, a majority vote, not a 2/3 vote was needed for passage.

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