Reports of scams on the rise in Lawrence County

Reports of scams on the rise in Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department said there has been a rise in reported scams in the county.

Sheriff Jeff Yates and Criminal Investigator Andrew Turner said they have received many calls from people of varying ages claiming they received a scam phone call or letter.

Wanda Powers, the owner of Moni's Grill, received 1 of these phone calls on Monday.

She said her husband received the call and passed it on to her. What the man on the other line said was too good to be true.

Powers was told she won the Arkansas Lottery and would receive over $700,000 and a brand new vehicle.

The man informed Powers that all she had to do in order to receive her prizes was call another number.

The man told Powers the prizes were in her husband's name, which he had as Perks. She told him that wasn't his name and then the man hung up.

Powers said she knew what was going on from the moment the conversation started.

"I knew it couldn't be true," Powers said. "You know? I knew from the sound of the voice on the phone and what he was telling me. I'm not dumb. I just knew that it wasn't true. How could I win something I hadn't signed up for? I don't play the lottery."

Sheriff Yates and Investigator Turner both said the best thing a person can do if they receive a call similar to the one Power's received is to hang up.

Turner said there isn't much he can do in cases like these.

What he does with the reports is send them to a higher authority that can properly handle these cases, like the Arkansas Attorney General's office.

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