Church helps give woman freedom outside her front door

Church helps give woman freedom outside her front door

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Helping others in need is the goal of some Region 8 church members, and the most recent project helped give one woman a sense of freedom.

A group from the Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Jonesboro volunteered their time and money to build a wheelchair ramp for a congregation member.

Teresa Caraway has had a knee replacement before, but after an infection she will soon have another replacement surgery and is currently in a wheelchair.

Because of this, Caraway has been stuck inside her house for 4 months.

Caraway said when she would go to the doctor, EMS professionals would have to carry her in her wheelchair down the front steps.

She began to think there must be another way.

She called around and found out it would be very expensive to have a ramp installed, so she asked her pastor if they ever helped with things like that.

"He said no problem we can get it done, and 2 weeks later here I am, and it's gorgeous," Caraway said. "I love it."

Caraway said she offered to help pay for it, but the group wouldn't allow it. She said it was completely free to her and the labor was all volunteered.

She said she can't thank them enough.

"I know I'm blessed, blessed beyond belief right now," Caraway said. "I told Pastor Chris, I said I haven't been able to go to church in so long I said you can bet I'll be there the first Sunday that I can get out."

Caraway said she never imagined this kind of help.

Caraway wants to send her deepest thanks to everyone that helped give her freedom outside her front door.

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