Nettleton Schools prepared with new panic button system

Nettleton Schools prepared with new panic button system

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - School is just days away, and when students return, new safety measures will be in place at schools across the state.

This year, the Rave Panic Button system is required for every public school in Arkansas.

Nettleton Public Schools was chosen last year as a pilot school for the Rave Panic Button system.

Superintendent James Dunivan said this system is basically an app that all faculty will have on their phones.

There are 5 buttons, distinguishing between medical emergencies, active shooters, fires, and other emergency situations.

A designated list of people along with emergency responders will be notified based on which button is pushed.

Dunivan said the app will only work when the phone is on campus.

"The app works fully and 100% inside the geo-fence," Dunivan said. "So anywhere on the campus, it already has that little electronic fence around it through Google Earth."

Dunivan said this is important in the case someone accidentally hits the button while not at school.

He said police will still be notified, but the list of contact people from Nettleton Public Schools will not be notified since it's off campus.

Dunivan said this app is beneficial and much quicker than the previous methods.

"Plus the authorities are already notified early and are on their way so it saves a lot of time, and as you know when you're in a crisis time saved could be lives saved," Dunivan said. "So that's why we are so excited about it."

The app is linked to the Jonesboro Smart 911 system so emergency responders are on their way to the scene in seconds.

Dunivan said he imagine they will use the app mostly for medical emergencies.

All schools in Arkansas are required to be signed up for Rave Panic Button by September 1.

Dunivan said the school will continue to practice its emergency drills, but this app is just another tool to be utilized in an emergency.

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