Future for Southside city council

Future for Southside city council

SOUTHSIDE, AR (KAIT) - Southside welcomes their newly elected officials and they have a lot of work ahead of them.

Newly elected Mayor Ray Bowman said a petition for elections was started after Southside heard Batesville wanted to annex them.

People around town did not want things to change so Bowman said elections were a way to keep the town the way it is.

Bowman says he wants a non-intrusive city council that will help Southside stay the way it is now.

"Basically nobody wanted anything to change, we never really wanted to be a city or in a city but if we were going to have to be in one we wanted it to be our city," Bowman said.

A few things the council must finish soon is a budget completed by December and a place for city hall.

He said one of the first steps is to get people who are not incorporated under the Southside council.

According to Bowman, some of these people signed the petition for a council so he wants everyone who supported them with the city.

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