Special election to be held to help fund Randolph County Jail expansion

Special election to be held to help fund Randolph County Jail expansion
The Randolph County Quorum Court voted Thursday night to set a special election to help fund an expansion for the county jail.
However, if approved, it won't mean a new sales tax or millage increase for the county.
Like many other jails in the state, the Randolph County Jail remains overcrowded on a near daily basis.
The county also doesn't house women or juveniles, meaning the county has to pay to have them housed elsewhere.
"It's crazy to give $100,000 a year to another county to house our prisoners!" County Judge David Jansen told the quorum court.
Now, to ease overcrowding and funding issues, the Randolph County Quorum Court voted bring it before the voters.
However, if passed, taxes or millage won't be increased.
Instead, Judge Jansen explained that if the capital improvement bond is approved by voters, it would take the current mill in place and dedicate it to funding the jail expansion.
But Judge Jansen warned Justices of the Peace that if they want it to pass, they're going to have to get the word out.

"Y'all have got to speak at restaurants, you've gotta speak to your neighbors. That's what you want and I assume...it's passed unanimously so I assume everybody wants this," Judge Jansen said. "So we've got to sell it to the public."

The jail expansion would include 40 male beds and 20 female beds. The anticipated cost for the project is between 3 and 4 million dollars.

The special election is set for October 13.

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