What Ever Happened To....

February 21, 2005 – Posted at 5:58 p.m. CST

SPECIAL REPORT -- News is always happening in Region 8... and throughout the month of February we're digging deep into our archives to find out exactly "whatever happened to" those important stories we first told you about on K8 news.

Our first question comes from Tina Beeler of Jonesboro. She wants to know what ever happened to the skull that was found in Red Onion, Missouri, in September of 2004.

Paul Newcomb was looking for his dog when came across the skull in the St. Francis sunken lands wildlife management area on the Missouri-Arkansas state line.

"I tripped over something and I didn't really know what it was," said Newcomb.

Police were able to determine that the skull belonged to a petite adult female, possibly black and between the ages of 30 and 50. Dunklin County authorities say they are still actively investigating the case. Tests are continuing to be run on the skull but authorities do not believe it matches anyone reported missing from the area.

The unsolved case of the murder of Amanda Tusing still has viewer Carolyn Hall of Manila wondering what happened.

"I've never worked this hard on any case and not gotten any further that what we already have. And neither has anybody else," said Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann.

K8 News has followed this story since 2000 when Tusing's body was discovered in Big Bay Ditch, 12 miles from where her car had been abandoned four days earlier. The murder mystery has kept Craighead County Investigators, Arkansas State Police, the FBI and even psychics guessing as to what happened to Tusing. Sheriff McCann says they are still investigating this case but there have been no new developments.

We also got several questions wanting to know what former candidate Dan Pierce has been up to since his run for Jonesboro mayor. As you might remember businessman Pierce lost the race for mayor to former police officer Doug Forman. We've learned that Pierce is still in Region 8. He's working in sales at Sullivan Steele in Harrisburg and says he has no interest in returning to politics anytime soon.

Our final question comes from Ann Werner of Jonesboro. She wants to know what ever happened to Julio's restaurant in downtown Jonesboro?

Julio's restaurant was granted a liquor license last September, and was supposed to open in November. But the doors on its Main Street location are still closed. Owner Julio Diaz says it's been the 50-year-old building that's holding up the project. Diaz says he plans to meet with contractors and state inspectors later this week, which will determine just exactly when his restaurant will open.

If you're wondering what ever happened to any story that made news in Region 8, please mail us your suggestion at K8 News, P.O. Box 790, Jonesboro, Arkansas, 72403. Then watch for those answers Mondays at 6:00 throughout the month of February.