Traffic patterns change for some Brookland schools

Traffic patterns change for some Brookland schools

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - With school just days away, a Region 8 school wants to make drivers aware of new traffic patterns.

A number of crashes including a fatal accident happened over the summer in Brookland.

In just a few short days school begins, and with construction, traffic will be a headache, but caution is still a must.

Mary Young lives on School Street and said she watches the traffic all of the time.

"That's what I'm seeing, the kids are the bad drivers," Young said.

Young said she sees students driving too fast down School Street.

"When school is not in session and in the evenings and stuff they whiz down through here," Young said.

Young said another thing people often do wrong is break the one way street rule.

School Street is considered a one way road at certain times of the day when students are present.

Young encouraged drivers to pay attention because it could mean the difference between an accident and arriving to a destination safely.

Brookland Superintendent Keith McDaniel said accidents along with construction have caused them to take a second look at their traffic patterns.

McDaniel said they have distributed maps to parents at the elementary and pre-k buildings.

The new traffic pattern shows that if parents are dropping students off or picking them up from both the elementary and pre-k buildings, drivers should go to the elementary first.

Then proceed to the pre-k and exit on Hickory Street.

If drivers are just going to the elementary, they should exit around the south side of the building onto Oak Street.

For those only going to the pre-k, drivers are advised to exit on Hickory Street.

McDaniel said he hopes these patterns will help alleviate traffic congestion and prevent accidents.

"Traffic for the middle school, junior high, and high school, will remain the same which will come in off 49B," McDaniel said.

McDaniel said something positive out of accidents on 49B is future changes to the crosswalk.

"The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is planning on moving the student crossing on the opposite side of the road for 49B which we think will help for the safety of our students," McDaniel said.

As for Monday, parents around Brookland said slow down and pay extra attention to the students and traffic changes.

"You know we want to not only have a safe first day but new school year, and just watch out for our kids," McDaniel said.

McDaniel said the new traffic patterns for the elementary and pre-k are new, and they plan to reevaluate the changes after school starts.

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