Johnny Cash boyhood home sees tourists from around the world

Johnny Cash boyhood home sees tourists from around the world

DYESS, AR - The Arkansas State University Heritage Site celebrated its first anniversary Saturday in the small town of Dyess, where Johnny Cash's boyhood home is located.

The group works with a lot of locations and Cash's home is only 1 of them.

In honor of the anniversary, free open house tours were offered.

Dr. Ruth Hawkins, the director of the Heritage Site, said they saw about 30 people an hour.

She said the majority of the people were from the United States, but some were from countries as far away as Russia.

Larry Sims is a long time resident of Dyess and said time has not changed there since the 1930s.

"It stands still here but it moves everywhere else," Sims said. "When a lot of people come back to see the house, it brings back a lot of their parents, their grandparents and everything. It's just unreal. You hear them talk amongst themselves, my mother had 1 of these, my grandmother, this reminds me of this and that. That's what we're here for. It's educational."

Dr. Hawkins said there is more to the community of Dyess than just the Cash home.

The community began in around the 1930s, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the New Deal.

His plan brought about 500 people to the town and Johnny Cash's family was just a few of those 500.

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