Holcomb school gets new science equipment

Holcomb school gets new science equipment

HOLCOMB, MO - The Holcomb school district recently received a grant to fund new science equipment.

Holcomb R-III schools were awarded the Monsanto grant, which is $10,000 for the science department.

Superintendent Ashley McMillian said the department will get new equipment like microscopes, Bunsen burners and anything else the department needs.

He said this grant can be written for agriculture, science or math, but the school decided they needed help with the science labs the most.

"You need more hands on things for science I mean that is all there is to it  you know to prepare kids for college, so we wanted to write that grants to update our labs, " McMillian said.

He said the labs currently are not up to par and this grant will help improve the quality.

Kids from 5th to 12th grades will be able to use this new equipment.

McMillian told Region 8 News that this grant is a competitive one and he is pleased his schools will benefit from it.

Members of the community helped the school receive the grant by calling in to the committee and explaining how it would help the students' education.

McMillian said he owes the community a "thank you" for all their help and support.

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