Valley View Schools: traffic will get better

Valley View Schools: traffic will get better
Many parents in the Valley View School District reported traffic woes on the first day of school. Some said traffic was so congested, their children were tardy Monday morning.
Region 8 News spoke with some parents Monday afternoon while they were picking their kids back up from school. Some blamed the traffic problems on a new stoplight in the area. Others said not everyone was as familiar with traffic patterns as they should be, creating a bit of a delay.
Patience Gibson was among the parents waiting in line on Monday. She said parents who had to go through the new stoplight at Southwest Drive and Darr Hill had it the worst.
"A friend of mine came from that direction and she said it was the worst she had ever seen it," Gibson said.
 Gibson said even though she lives just a few miles from the school, it took nearly an hour to drop off her kids this morning.
"It was a little crazy but it normally is at the beginning of the school year," Gibson said. "The first week is the craziest but the week after that parents figure out if they should come a little earlier or a little later and everything works out."
Region 8 News spoke with Valley View Schools Superintendent Bryan Russell by phone Monday afternoon. Russell said traffic will get better as the first week of school continues.
However, the school will be making some changes starting Tuesday morning to make things go smoother.
Valley View Schools sent out an alert Monday evening stating that if you have both an intermediate and junior high student, you need to drop both students off at one location.
Students will be able to go through the tunnel under the road to safely get to whichever building they need to go to.
If you're still unsure of the best routes to pick up and drop off your kids, check out the traffic flow maps posted to the Valley View Schools website.

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