CVS to possibly locate in Jonesboro, partially close city street

CVS to possibly locate in Jonesboro, partially close city street
A pharmacy chain looking to open a store in Jonesboro might result in partial closure of a city street.
Developers for CVS Pharmacy spoke before the Jonesboro City Council in early August about locating at the site of the old Harp's Food Store on Madison Street.
"CVS is thrilled to be entering the market in Jonesboro and I don't think they're going to be limited to just one store. I think there will be multiple stores so we're very happy to be a part of the community, hopefully shortly," John Perry with Kimley-Horn told council members. Kimley-Horn is a planning and designing consulting firm representing CVS Pharmacy.
"The piece of property that we have right now, honestly it was chosen because it's a great intersection," Perry said. "It's a really, really good place for CVS to be."
Perry said because of drainage issues, they had to orient the building to where it would run parallel with Highland Drive, cutting off that portion of Madison Street.
"No other orientation will work," Perry said. "If it comes down to having reroute the road over through the abutting property, the CVS will not be feasible."
At the second reading regarding the closure of Madison Street at Highland Drive, a few area property owners spoke before the council.

"We know that it will cause a hardship on our people that come frequent through the Revenue Office," Robin Yates said. "People go in that way very much and leave that way and the people that work there do the same."

"Based on the drawings that they gave me, it would definitely simply just slow the traffic down, it doesn't look like it would impede it that much at all but once again, it's all based on obviously the amount of traffic that goes through there," Greg Arnold said.

Since the first hearing the City of Jonesboro collected traffic counts on that street prior to the start of school.

According to city engineer Craig Light, roughly 700 cars went up and down the road a day. The city plans on collecting a few more traffic counts over the next couple of weeks now that school is in session to see how much the street is used.

As for the petition to close and abandon that portion of Madison Street, it will go before the council for a third reading in September.

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