Mississippi county roads use more slag than gravel

Mississippi county roads use more slag than gravel

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Mississippi County is one of the only Region 8 counties without a gravel pit, according to the road department.

This shortage of gravel has the road department using more slag for the roads.

Slag is a stoney, waste material separated from metals, but some say there are leftover metals that can damage tires that drive over it.

The County Road Department Superintendent Tony Stone said Mississippi County uses both materials.

Stone showed Region 8 News several different roads throughout Luxora and Osceola, some of which were gravel and some that were slag.

He said slag is easier for the department to obtain since the gravel pit for the county is actually in Greene County.

Gravel is also very hard to work with when it is wet out according to Stone. Gravel cannot be gathered or laid when it is wet.

The department said they get different feedback from each of the materials.

Slag can be laid anytime, but it only last a few years.

Gravel can last a lot longer, which the department likes, but some people complain about the dirt it causes on their cars.

Most complaints about the slag are due to the leftover metals parts that can damage tires.

Jim Ross owns a tire shop in Mississippi County and said he has flat tires come in from slag all the time.

"We fix a lot of flats here," Ross said. "I wish the county or the state or whoever it is could just blacktop all these roads but I guess they don't have the money but it sure would save a lot of people a lot of trouble."

Superintendent Stone said the department lays the best materials they have at the time they are needed.

He also hopes to get more gravel in the Greene County pit, but he said it is a lengthy process.

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