Jonesboro Fire Department changing with the city

Jonesboro Fire Department changing with the city

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro is growing in leaps and bounds, but what effect does that have on the city's emergency responders?

The Jonesboro Fire Department is constantly checking and reevaluating the location of its departments and number of staff.

JFD is operating with basically the same staff since 2007, but has upgraded and relocated stations to the more populated areas.

An additional fire station was even built in February of this year.

JFD Chief Kevin Miller said his department is changing.

"We're constantly looking for growth and development for the city, yes. Where it's occurring right now and where we project it will be because we constantly have to look at how to provide those services to the community," Miller said. "And where the population goes, where the density goes that's where we look where we're going to have to go because that's where the services are going to be needed."

Miller said as the city of Jonesboro changes, the department is following right behind.

"We have 3 or 4 areas that we're constantly looking at for future development," Miller said. "Now, we don't always know what the futures going to hold, but we can have a pretty good idea on projections to be prepared if that development does start to take off what are options are going to be to be able to provide services to that area."

JFD was recently evaluated by the Insurance Services Office and are waiting to hear those results.

They currently have a Class 3 rating.

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