Senath council to take over city marshal appointment

Senath council to take over city marshal appointment

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - The Senath City Council is asking the voters to give over control of the City Marshal appointment.

The City Marshal is basically the equivalent to a police chief and currently in Senath the people vote on who holds the four year position.

In the November general election voters can vote to let the city council solely appoint the position.

Mayor Joe Lane said most other city councils are the one who appoint the marshal so he is just trying to follow suit.

If voters approve the council to take control of the appointment, it would not go into affect until April 2017, since that is when the current City Marshal's 4 year term will be up.

Mayor Lane said if this passes the council would have more control on the ordinances being followed.

"They have a little more control about what goes on, we are not just wanting to put our thumb on someone but we do want them to enforce our ordinances," Lane said.

Lane also said this decision was not personal, the council is just trying to do what is best for the city.

He says ultimately the decision is up to the voters, and whatever they decide the council will follow.

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