Osceola School District prepared for intruder

Osceola School District prepared for intruder

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - The Osceola School District purchased new security devices to stop intruders.

Superintendent Michael Cox purchased 150 Ulockit security devices for the Osceola schools.

The device was created by 2 men from right here in Arkansas.

The Ulockit device is basically 2 brackets with a U-shaped lock that firmly secures any door.

A bracket is bolted to the wall while the other bracket is bolted to the door.

Then, if an intruder comes in the school the teacher can secure the U shaped lock in between the brackets.

According to the Ulockit website once the lock is in place a door is extremely hard to break down.

Cox said time is of the essence during these types of situations, and these locks can help buy some time for officials.

"If an intruder comes on our campus it would take 10 or 15 minutes to get in a classroom and what it does is it gives us time to have the police or emergency responders to get there in time," Cox said.

For Osceola to buy 150 locks it cost a little under $10,000.

With this amount of locks Cox said the school will be able to have a lock on every classroom.

He said these new devices will help teachers, staff, student and parents feel much safer and more prepared for a school intruder.

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