Student leaders step up to fix Osceola High School's reputation

Student leaders step up to fix Osceola High School's reputation

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - Students at Osceola High School are stepping up to help fix the schools poor reputation.

According to the students, many people do not view the school in a positive light, but some student are wanting to change this perspective and show the positives of the school.

"It may not have the best name but if you would just come in you could see the difference," Will Caovert said.

A group called the leadership team has been formed at the school, and they are there to create better environment in the school.

"We wanted to change a lot within the school, we want to make changes, big changes," Daja Williams said.

These students see the best in the school and want others to see it as well.

"I have only been here for a year but it just seems like home and most people don't think Osceola is a good place but it really is and you just have to be her for yourself to see how good it is," Kelon Dedener said.

The group is made up of more than 40 different leaders around the school trying to make an impact on their peers.

"You know you have both good leaders and bad leaders so we try to impact those leaders, especially the bad groups and hopefully bring them on our side and we can make our school a better environment to be at." Akeyla Barksdale said.

The first big thing the team did was present the rules and expectations of the school year.

Usually an assembly is presented by teachers or the principal, but the team thought it would be better perceived if they lead it.

At the assembly the team went over the rules like respecting teachers, coming to school to learn and ways to stay out of trouble.

The group also explained they are not here to be above anyone in the school, but rather to help everyone band together.

"It's not all about being the best of the best or thinking so highly of yourself, it's about making this the four best years of your life and getting a good education and continuing on with your life," Krystal Cordova said.

Most of the student leaders Region 8 News talked to all have different reasons for joining the team, but they all agreed on the same goal of bringing the school together and supporting each other in a positive environment.

The group will be planning other activities throughout the year and encourages any student with ideas to come forward.

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