Construction continues for multiple projects at Brookland Schools

Construction continues for multiple projects at Brookland Schools

As the small Craighead County town of Brookland has grown, the school district has grown with it.

In order to keep up with the growth though, the school district has had to construct new buildings and space for extracurricular activities.

Keith McDaniel has served as the superintendent of the Brookland School District for the past two years. Before that though, he served as principal for a number of years. In his time at Brookland, McDaniel said he has witnessed a lot of growth.

"Whenever I first came, we were at like 1,200 students," McDaniel said. "Now, we're close to 2,200. In 11 years, we're pushing a thousand students in growth and it's just amazing."

McDaniel said in just the past two years, more than 200 students have become Bearcats. Because there are no signs of growth slowing down in the town of Brookland soon, McDaniel expects growth at the school to continue.

McDaniel told Region 8 News that in just the past six months, they've completed an addition to the elementary school and a brand new Pre-K.

Down the road from the elementary campus, work on a brand new middle school is underway.

"It'll be 40 classrooms with a capacity to hold 1,000 students," McDaniel said.

McDaniel explained that the original goal was to have students in that middle school building by December 2015. However, a wet spring and summer pushed back their target date til August 2016.

Some projects at the school can't be pushed back any further though.

Football Friday Night begins in just two weeks and construction on a new turf field is slightly behind schedule.

McDaniel said drainage issues and a lot of rain have stalled getting the new turf field ready. With football around the corner, it's crunch time.

"We've had some good weather this past week so they're playing catch-up right now and with luck, they'll be putting down the turf actually starting on Tuesday," McDaniel said.

It should take a week to 10 days to lay the turf.

Thankfully for the Brookland football team, their first home game isn't until the second week of FFN, meaning the turf should be ready in plenty of time.

Not only will it take a short amount of time to lay the field, it will also work better for the school district in the long run.

"It allows more activities to be able to take place on that turf facility, whereas before we were just kind of having to baby it and keep everyone off of it just so it would have grass," McDaniel said.

McDaniel said the boys and girls soccer teams, ROTC and P.E. classes will now be able to use the field too.

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