A-State students move back on campus for new school year

A-State students move back on campus for new school year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State students spent Saturday moving back into the dorms for another year of school.

Cars packed with boxes filled the streets and parking lots on campus as parents and volunteers helped out.

Jarrod Creameans was 1 of the volunteers with the honors college. He said the groups of people were coming in waves.

The rain that occurred slowed down some groups until it passed.

Creameans described what he saw with most of the new students.

"Mostly it's just been very stern talking's to from parents, things like that," Creameans said. "Once they get settled in, moved in and everything you know there is a huge difference. You can tell they are a lot less stressed and once they start to acclimate to campus and the environment here, it gets a lot better from there as well."

Many different outside groups volunteered to help as well Saturday afternoon. Grills and food were stationed outside most of the dorms for the new students.

More events are planned for the rest of the week with the hope to ease students into life at A-State.

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