Police investigate overnight shootings in Jonesboro

Police investigate overnight shootings in Jonesboro
Police at Garden Manor Apartments (Source: KAIT)
Police at Garden Manor Apartments (Source: KAIT)
Police at Garden Manor Apartments (Source: KAIT)
Police at Garden Manor Apartments (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department is investigating multiple overnight shootings in the north Jonesboro area. No injuries from the gunshots have been reported in either incident.

Just after midnight, Monday morning, officers were called to shots fired at or near the Garden Manor Apartments.

A police report details how officers met with residents who had bullet holes in at least three apartments on 300 Garden Manor Dr.

Officers also spoke with two men who were leaving from the apartment complex in a truck when they said it was hit by a bullet.

The men told police shots seemed to be coming from inside the apartment gates as well as across the street.

Officers state in the report they went to the area of 212 Pine Street to search.

No suspects were found, but an officer did find a silver revolver with a bone-colored handle tossed into tall grass around the area searched.

The ammunition loaded into the gun had not been fired according to the officer who found it.

Police found several shell casing at the scene and other evidence was collected along with photographs.

The second shooting happened on Walker Court.

According to an officer on that scene, the shooting happened at 2 apartments.

Some arrests were made at Walker Court but none were in connection to the shooting.

Police have not been able to confirm many other details, but a Region 8 News crew at the scene early Monday morning observed at least one car with what appeared to be bullet holes in it.

Kendra Posey lives at Walker Court and said she and her son woke up to the sound of the gunshots. She described what happened in that moment.

"I heard a few, maybe 5," Posey said. "I didn't get up. When I heard 10 more, I noticed my son he was woke. I said "You get down on that floor," but he ran to me instead we both got on the floor. He knows to get down but it was over 40 shots I heard."

She believed the kids in the area needed to be taught how to react in situations like what happened that morning. Her son knew what to do but she said he didn't know to get down right away.

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