Pryor Spending Day in Mississippi, Crittenden Counties

FEBRUARY 23, 2005 - Posted at 7:30 a.m. CST

TURRELL, AR - U.S. Senator Mark Pryor is taking advantage of the congressional break by spending most of today in the Delta portion of Region 8.

Pryor is getting an early start this morning in Blytheville, where he is meeting with community officials to discuss local infrastructure needs and legislative priorities.

From Blytheville, he moves on to Crittenden County, where he'll spend most of the day.  At 10:45 this morning, Pryor will tour Turrell High School and speak with students about Black History Month and federal legislation that affects their future.

At 12:15, Pryor is to join local officials and members of the St. Francis Levee District for a presentation about 10 Mile Creek.

At 1:45, Pryor meets with students at Earle High School to promote Black History Month.