Region 8 school investigates gang related threats

Region 8 school investigates gang related threats

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School is investigating a gang related threat at the school.

Friday morning one student struck another student in the arm, according to the school.

When the student was called in for the incident, the school learned there was a bigger issue at hand.

The student offender had also sent threatening texts to the student he hit, saying he would kill the student.

KIPP Blytheville called police about the issue as well and both are investigating the incident separately.

Blytheville police said in a report that the texts were terroristic threats.

The school said they believe the incident may also be gang related.

KIPP Blytheville School Director Maisie Wright told Region 8 News that gang related events like this are a growing issue in the community.

"These things are happening and unfortunately our kids are being exposed to them and so we have to continue to work and work even harder to make sure they are not things that are a part of our kids lives and realities," Wright said.

Wright said the school is going to do everything possible to make the students feel safe.

The school will continue to hold culture training programs to teach students to respect the campus, community and others.

Wright also told Region 8 News the school is planning to work with other community leaders like Healing in the Hood to help students feel safe outside of school as well.

The student offender has been sent home and is not allowed on campus until the school and police investigations are complete.

KIPP Delta public schools sent a letter to the parents as well explaining the situation and what is being done to make sure students are safe.

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