A-State students face crowded parking lots on first day of class

A-State students face crowded parking lots on first day of class

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Back to school for A-State students means a welcome back to crowded parking lots.

Students said it's nothing new though; they often drive to campus and find it impossible to find a parking spot.

The students that Region 8 News talked to said it's worse on the first day of school.

Some said it took them more than half an hour to find a parking spot.

One student even admitted she parked in a visitor spot because she had no other options to make it to class.

Junior Emily Burley said she's lived both on campus and off, so she knows the pain commuters feel.

She said the worst part is that the lack of parking has forced some students to miss class completely.

"That's all you hear about is complaints," Burley said. "You have people walking into class all the time because there is no parking. You have people missing class because teachers won't let you in late. So, if you are late to class you just have to miss that entire class and I actually had to experience that last semester. I had to miss class because there is no parking and the teacher locked the door."

Burley said she would simply like to see more parking lots for students.

She even suggested visitor parking be moved to a separate, designated area opening up more spots for students.

Burley also said that parking is always more crazy toward the beginning of the year, so she hopes it will get better as the semester progresses.

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