Wisconsin freedom group goes after another Region 8 city

Wisconsin freedom group goes after another Region 8 city

CAVE CITY, AR (KAIT) - The Freedom from Religion Foundation threatens to sue Cave City over the police vehicle "In God We Trust" decals.

The mayor of Cave City received a letter from the Madison, Wisconsin based group saying the quote could offend non-Christians.

Cave City is not the only Region 8 city to add the national motto to city vehicles. The city of Osceola and the Dunklin County Sheriff's Department has plans to add it soon.

This is also not the first time the group has contacted a Region 8 city.

Earlier this month the mayor of Jonesboro received a letter regarding religious quotes on the official 911 dispatch Facebook page.

The mayor of Jonesboro had the quotes taken down to avoiding the group suing the city, but Cave City may not follow suit.

The Cave City mayor has not decided if he will have the decals removed or not.

The group also sent a letter to the Hempstead County Sheriff's office regarding the same issue, the sheriff of the county has stated he will not remove the decal.

While the group out of Wisconsin is upset with these decals, residents around Region 8 praise the new additions.

Linda Casteel of Kennett, said she loves the national motto being displayed in her county.

"I am so proud they are going to put in god we trust and that just makes me so happy that is something we are going to have out here," Casteel said.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has said they will sue the city if the decals are not removed.

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