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Food Bank of NEA hopes to help students who lost backpack program


The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas is asking for help to keep the backpack program going for students who recently lost it.

The Arkansas Rice Depot redistributed funds because the cost to provide the program became too much.

Christie Jordan, the chief executive officer at the Food Bank, said it may not seem like much at $150 a year per child. Once this adds up, the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas is paying about $92,000 a year for the kids they currently have.

Jordan said they would like to add the over 400 kids in Craighead County who lost the program but can’t do it alone. She explained it will cost an about $68,000 extra a year to get those children what they need.

“So what we're asking is if there are civic groups, non-profit, 501c3 organizations or churches that are interested in sponsoring a school's backpack program, they can contact us and let us know,” Jordan said. “We will be happy to help coordinate that effort.”

Jordan added the food bank will not be cutting any schools from their program. They are unable to reallocate funds from another part of their operation to add to their backpack fund.

The kids in Craighead County are not the only group who lost their program. Jordan said there are other counties who need help and they are working to find out who needs the food bank’s assistance.

If you would like to help you can contact the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas at 932-3663.

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