A Better Region 8: WDBJ We Stand With You

A Better Region 8: WDBJ We Stand With You

It's been a tragic week. America is mourning the loss of WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker and Photojournalist Adam Ward who were shot and killed Wednesday morning live on-air.

It's hitting our industry really hard. A young reporter and her young photographer... killed on live TV doing exactly what they wanted to be doing.

Working in local television isn't about making lots of money, local television is a business of passion.  When these young people start out in our business, they work long hours, give up holidays and put up with a lot for little pay.

So why do they do it?  Because making the world better means something to them.  Happy, sad, often tough... storytelling lives deep in their spirit.

Here at KAIT, we often remind each other this isn't a 9 to 5 job, and we tend to spend more time with each other than we do our own families.  We spend many holidays together. While everyone is at home sleeping in on a snow day, we are here... together.  That makes us a family.

This awful event should remind us to tell each other how much they mean to us.

To the part time studio crew who get out of bed up at 3am to come to work… the master control operators who run two stations at once… the producer who writes, plans and produces two newscasts every day… the web producer who works hard to make you a part of the conversation… the commercial producer who uses creativity to help our local businesses… the anchors, reporters and meteorologists who are the leaders and faces of our station even at the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon… the directors who lead our technicians through each newscast… the engineers who keep us on the air and online at all hours of the day and night… the account executives who help market local businesses and bring in revenue to help us pay our team... you are each dedicated, you are family, you make this A Better Region 8.

To Alison Parker and Adam Ward, rest in peace my friends. Thank you for following your passion, and we'll see you in that newscast in the sky.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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