Senath-Hornersville schools take extra security measures

Senath-Hornersville schools take extra security measures

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - The Senath-Hornersville School District took extra security measures this year by training teachers to conceal and carry.

The idea to allow the teachers to receive training has been in the works for about a year. The district is using a group out of West Plains called Shield Solutions to train and certify the teachers.

The school board actually selected the staff members who would receive the training but the identity and numbers are kept secret for security reasons.

The school superintendent, Chad Morgan, says the decision was not made lightly, but because of the school district's unique situation, it seemed best.

Senath-Hornersville schools are in 2 different cities. The elementary and high school are located in Senath while the middle school is in Hornersville.

"Contracting with Shield Solutions just worked better for us because we can provide security on both campuses whereas if we had a school resource officer we would just have one resource officer split between 3 buildings," Morgan said.

The decision was made after lots of discussion between administration and the school board.

The main goal is to keep the students safe according to Morgan and this was the correct step to do this.

The school has also implemented other security measures including first aid kits for every room and a buzz in system to enter the school.

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