Senath sewage bills increase next month due to new lagoon

Senath sewage bills increase next month due to new lagoon

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - Senath residents will see an increase in their sewage bills this September.

The city had to build a new lagoon when the U.S. Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency said it was not up to regulation.

The project costs $1.6 million for the city.

Last election the voters passed a $1 million bond issue for the project and the city received a $500,000 grant as well.

The other cost will be seen in a $10 increase to the sewage bills, but the city did not have a choice since the lagoon needed to be built, according to the city's mayor.

"Nobody wanted the increase but we have to stay in compliance because we discharge into a ditch here that runs down to the Buffalo and then down into the St. Francis Rivers," said Mayor Joe Lane.

The new lagoon will have a liner and a cover, along with ultra-violent light to help kill any bacteria.

Mayor Lane said Senath is not the only city having to build a new lagoon, some surrounding cities need to as well.

The lagoon is planned to be completed in June of 2016.

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