Police, neighbors locate stolen items hidden throughout neighborhood

Police, neighbors locate stolen items hidden throughout neighborhood
Wesley Pitt (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Office)
Wesley Pitt (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Office)
Joshua Watkins (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Office)
Joshua Watkins (Source: Craighead County Sheriff's Office)

Multiple Sage Meadows residents found stolen items hidden in their yards Monday morning and afternoon.

The items were stolen from unlocked vehicles on Inverness Run Drive, Lochmoor Circle and Winged Foot Lane. Those streets are located toward the back of Sage Meadows.

The stolen evidence never made its way out of the neighborhood because the suspects in the case were arrested before they could leave.

Twenty-year-old Wesley Pitt and 18-year-old Joshua Watkins were arrested around 4:30 Monday morning as they were trying to leave Sage Meadows.

At that point, officers had already been called to the area after a resident told police he saw the men trying to break into his truck.

According to a Jonesboro Police Department incident report, while officers had K9 units out searching for the suspects, a silver car drove up to their location.

Officers stopped the car and stated that they could immediately smell marijuana coming from the car. Both Pitt and Watkins also appeared to "be sweaty and both subjects had grass on their shoes where they had been walking through the grass recently."

Police called the initial complainant for a description of the suspects. They advised a white male with some type of facial hair had on a blue shirt and shorts. Pitt, who was driving the car, has facial hair and was wearing a blue shirt and shorts.

Upon searching the car, officers found approximately 11.6 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Pitt and Watkins have been charged with a felony breaking and entering charge. They also face misdemeanor charges for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and theft.

After arresting the suspects, officers spent part of the morning attempting to recover the stolen property.

Most of the property was hidden near shrubbery along the side of the road.

Rich Dickerson was heading to work Monday morning and found multiple stolen items near his mailbox.

"I was getting in my truck and I saw two golf clubs sitting by the tree and thought it was a little weird and saw the two police officers down the street so I grabbed the clubs and headed that way," Dickerson said.

Dickerson said as he was heading toward the officers, he spotted another item that was partially hidden along the road.

"I found a saw and thought it was kind of weird," Dickerson said. "When I got around the corner to the officers, they had a laptop case and some other things."

Dickerson said it was an unusual scene for Sage Meadows residents.

"Sage Meadows is a safe neighborhood so it's kind of awkward for me to see that," Dickerson said.

While Region 8 News was interviewing Dickerson, another neighbor found a stolen iPad and other items near his mailbox.
A JPD officer was called to the scene and able to return the items to the rightful owner.

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