Rural church asks for help to make sanctuary safe

Rural church asks for help to make sanctuary safe

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A church you probably never drive by needs your help.

The Brighton First Community Church of Jesus Christ in Greene County has tried several fundraisers to help repair their building, but it's never enough.

Brother David White said it's unsafe for his congregation.

"I would hate to somebody come out here and get hurt, and if we don't get some stuff fixed it's going to be where we can't get out here," White said.

White has been with the Brighton First Community Church of Jesus Christ for 15 years, but the building was built in 1941.

"This church has been a lighthouse and landmark for years, so we hate to lose it," White said.

Sadly the original sanctuary is behind a closed off wall.

"Ceiling is trying to come in, and the floor, south side wall, we've fixed it once," White said.

White said without the old donated Alexander Community Building, they wouldn't have a place to worship.

The church averages 35 to 40 members every Sunday and while they've thought about relocating, it's the country they love.

"People say why don't you move to town," White said. "We've thought about that, but it still wouldn't be the same.

The church community said they are at the point they must find a solution whether that is to rebuild or repair.

"The Bible tells us to ask and you shall receive, and we believe if we just reach out to the community," Sister Teresa Towell said. "We have a wonderful community. We believe we will receive and get the help we need."

Towell is also a minister at the church and set up a Go Fund Me account with the goal of $30,000.

"In the event someone doesn't have a monetary donation and all you could do was provide assistance with labor or supplies, anything would help, and no donation would be too small," Towell said.

White said while they are asking for money, their faith is what it's all about.

"We aren't out here for the money," Towell said. "I don't get paid. None of us get paid. The only pay we are going to get is when we get to heaven."

To learn more about the church or to donate click here for the Go Fund Me account.

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