Gosnell schools see new technology coming

Gosnell schools see new technology coming

(KAIT) - The Gosnell School District will soon have new technology for the students and teachers.

The schools are implementing two new initiatives for technology improvement.

The first initiative comes off of the governor's plan for all schools to have a computer programming class.

Gosnell received a $20,000 state grant for this initiative and the school has purchased multiple computers, android tablets and even a 3-D printer for the class.

The equipment is expected to come in the next week.

The second initiative is for all teachers and students in Gosnell to have Chromebooks.

This year teachers and students for the 5, 6, 7, and 8 grades will receive Chromebooks.

Over the next three years, the school will bring the books to all grades.

This initiative is being paid for by state funds and some of the district funds as well.

Assistant Principal Kevin Evans said the teachers and students are eager for the new technology equipment to come in for them to use.

"They're ready they want to use them, they want to provide them for their students and incorporate them into their classes, as a whole our faculty and staff are excited about these initiatives," Evans said.

Teachers are being trained on the Chromebooks now and students will hopefully receive them in the next month.

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