Osceola police officers battle flames to save woman

Osceola police officers battle flames to save woman

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT) - Two Osceola police officers did not expect to fight fire when they were on patrol.

The officers responded to a call they received about a woman at River Oak Mobile Home Park barricading herself in her home and possibly planning to end her own life.

The woman refused to open the door when officers arrived, but when they saw the flames they quickly reacted.

"It was extremely intense, didn't know what we were going through, didn't know how much fire was going to be back there," Officer Mikal Gonzales said.

The two police officers made their way into the home and pulled the woman to safety.

The back bedroom bed, curtains and pillows were all in flames when the men entered.

Multiple neighbors and the property manager looked on as these two men risked their lives to save the woman.

"They did their job the way they should and I was there just to be a friend and do what I could," property manager Billy Willbanks said.

When Region 8 News spoke with the officers they said what they did was not heroic or brave, it was just their job and passion.

"We're not heroes, we just do the job we are supposed to do and keep people from getting hurt and make sure we go home at the end of the day," Officer Glenn Dunn said.

The Osceola Police Chief said he is proud of his officers for their efforts to keep the people of Osceola safe.

He said they have a great group of people in the department serving Osceola.

The woman is currently in a hospital receiving treatment, according to the property manager who also helped put out the fire.

As for the officers, they said they are always willing to help a neighbor in need.

"You know as police officers we do this everyday, risk our life, I will do this any day, everyday," Gonzales said.

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