Parents worry about safety of bus stop

Parents worry about safety of bus stop

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - More parents voiced their concerns Thursday with leaving their children at the bus stop but their concerns lie with other drivers.

Terri Lawless said her children and others wait for the bus at the intersection of Belt and Scott Streets. She explained 8 to 10 kids must wait next to the road while drivers try to beat the bus.

She and other parents worry there is no safe place for their children to wait. Lawless said there is a sidewalk but the bus does not stop there. If the children waited on the sidewalk, they would have to cross the busy street to get on the bus.

Lawless said she just wants to see a safe place for all the children to wait.

"If we can build them a little shelter by having a lot of the kids having to catch the bus at that corner," Lawless said. "So maybe in the near future looking at giving us a little shelter or something. Or make it big enough at the bus stop for people that's waiting on the bus, the kids can also stand at the bus shelter also."

Another factor she mentioned that could be dangerous for the kids is weather. An example she used was if the roads were foggy, drivers may not see them waiting on the side of the road.

She asked all drivers in that area to slow down and watch for the children because the kids may not be watching out for them.

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