Greene County deputies save woman stuck in car underwater

Greene County deputies save woman stuck in car underwater

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Four Greene County sheriff's deputies saved a woman from a car submerged in a pond early Wednesday morning.

The woman crashed her car off of Greene County Road 514.

When deputies arrived on the scene they said they did not expect anyone to be alive, but when they heard someone calling for help they rushed to her aid.

It took multiple attempts of going under the water to finally pull the 21-year-old driver to safety.

The driver was able to breathe through an air pocket in the car until the deputies could pull her out through the back hatch.

The deputies were glad they were able to help and have a good outcome this time.

"We aren't heroes," Sergeant Tommy Huffstetler said. "This is kind of what we do. We are just real fortunate it turned out like this, this time. It normally never turns out like this. It's a once in a lifetime, once in a career-time type of thing."

A few deputies went underwater trying to get the woman while others worked the radio and called for other rescue crews to get on scene.

The deputies said they could not have saved the woman without this team effort.

All four deputies agreed saving people like this is why they risk their lives each day.

"We used to think arresting the bad guys was the greatest thing but this before us was the greatest thing we've ever done. It gives you a whole new meaning to what we do,"  Huffstetler said.

The deputies also said the driver stayed very calm during the rescue, which was crucial in keeping her alive.

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