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Colt, AR--Ron Smiley Reports

Area Closer to Having New Airport

—Posted 6:00 pm CST


Colt, AR—Officials in St Francis County and Cross County are one step closer to building a bigger better airport tonight.  They are looking to whittle down a list of seven proposed sites down to three.  This list will then be sent off to the FAA for final approval of a proposed regional airport.


“Once this airport is opened up the airports in Cross and St Francis counties will be closed.” Cross County Chamber of Commerce member Bill Thomas said.  “But by doing this we are going to get a bigger better airport for both areas to use.”


The area all together is quickly growing as a result of renewed interest from automotive manufacturers to come to the region.  Currently neither airport can facilitate larger corporate jets.  This is where the new airport would come into play.


The money for the facility is actually already there.  The FAA has said they will allow the two communities to pool their existing federal funding together in order to fund the new airport.  This allows for the new airport to have much nicer facilities all in one place.


According to officials Colt, Arkansas was the natural choice for the locations for the airport due to it being almost exactly in the middle of the two county seats.


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