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Jonesboro, AR - Shannon Johnson Reports

JFD Welcomes 4 Rookies

February 24, 2005 -- Posted at 6:45 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR - Sometimes it's tough to be the new guy on the job. This is especially true if you're new to the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Four rookies recently joined the department. Thursday morning, the new guys walked into a burning building for the first time.

"This is the type of stuff will kill you," said Keith Miller who's in charge of training.

The new guys were presented with different challenges every time they went into the building. Trainers say they try to make the tasks as realistic as possible. Once the new men get inside the building, they have to figure out where they are, extinguish the fire and get out before their oxygen tanks run out.

"It's hard and it's hot but I enjoy it," said John White,who's a rookie.

The training that took place in Jonesboro Thursday was just a basic course. Three of the 4 rookies are heading down to Camden, AR next week to attend The Arkansas Fire Academy, where things are sure to get tough. They will train for 8 weeks.

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