Olive Garden gives back during Labor Day

Olive Garden gives back during Labor Day

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Olive Garden workers gave back to the community by delivering food to those who had to work on Labor Day.

Olive Gardens all over the United States participate in the giving back program. The Jonesboro restaurant has been participating for four years now.

Dwight Teele, general manager, says it is a good way to thank those who work on days when most don't have to.

"We want to give back to them so we take them food and deliver them food so that they can have a great Labor Day even though they are working," Teele said.

Olive Garden delivered food to first responders who rarely get days off such as police officers, firefighters and emergency room hospital workers.

"I think they just sometimes feel maybe it's a thankless job and that they don't get a lot of recognition," Teele said. "This way they know at least we care."

The Olive Garden workers were happy to show their appreciation to the community and those who received the free food were appreciative of the gift.

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