Exercise Proven to Get People Out of Winter Funk

—Posted 6:00 pm CST


Jonesboro, AR--Cardiologist at Jonesboro’s Cardiology Associates say now is the perfect time to get back into shape.  While they say exercise improves the health of your heart they add it has another added effect, your mental state of mind.


“Exercise is one of the best ways to fight depression.” Cardiologist Barry Tedder said.  “Even more than Medicine sometimes, exercise, especially after a heart attack, is extremely important.”


Tedder reminds everyone that they need to strive for an hour of aerobic activity each day.  Adding those not in good shape need to take it slow and consult their physician if they need to.


According to Tedder, recent studies have shown that even as little as 20 minutes of exercise a day can help release natural chemicals in the body which can ease depression and stress.