Center for Exceptional Families receives $200,000 to inform parents

Center for Exceptional Families receives $200,000 to inform parents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Center for Exceptional Families received a $200,000 grant to help them with their plan of informing families with special needs children.

Shelby Knight, the executive director, said the amount sounds like a lot but really isn't when spread throughout the state.

They split up the state into 8 regions for their project.

"We're gonna put folks out there who can work with about 10 counties or so and just saturate those counties with information for families," Knight said. "Whether it be on special education, local support groups, disability specific information, we just want to let them know there are services available to them and that we are here to help them."

The goal for the center is to help families who may need help to provide for their children up to age 26 who may have special needs.

Knight said she was excited to get started on their project, which is set to begin in October.

Another aspect of the project is to hire someone able to speak Spanish so Knight and her groups can better help the Hispanic community.

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