Trumann woman finds special dress in the road

Trumann woman finds special dress in the road

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - A Trumann woman found a wedding dress abandoned in the middle of the road.

Reba Haynes was driving back to Trumann from Jonesboro Thursday when she saw a big box laying in the rain.

Haynes decided to stop and see if the contents were important.

"I wanted to stop and see what is in this box, it might be a treasure,'" Haynes said. "I am a very curious person and always hoping I find a treasure."

Haynes was traveling with her grandchildren at the time, and her granddaughter thought she saw a dress in the box, which turned out to be true.

"It was a wedding dress and I was just bowled over," Haynes said.

She made sure the road was clear and quickly picked up the box out of the rain before it was run over by another driver. 

Haynes decided to take the dress home and dry it off since the bottom of the box was already wet.

Haynes said surprisingly only the outside of the train got wet, so she hung it up in her home to dry.

After making sure the dress was in good shape, she started to look for the owner.

"I thought if this dress were mine I would want it back so I wanted to do what I would want somebody to do for me," Haynes said. "I think that is the right thing to do."

She started by searching the box and dress for any clues of who may own it, but no marks or names were anywhere to be found.

The only tags found on the dress are a dry clean only warning label and the designer label, Morilee.

The only other thing Haynes found was a pink plastic price tag fastener, with no tag attached to it.

She has also reached out to several stores around the area seeing if anyone has called in with a missing wedding dress but has not had any luck.

Haynes is hoping to find the owner soon because she said she knows someone is missing this special dress and would like it back.

"I just hope whoever owns this dress will reclaim it because I know it will make them very happy," Haynes said.

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