Three "suspicious" house fires under investigation, neighbors concerned

Three "suspicious" house fires under investigation, neighbors concerned


For the third time in a little over two years, an abandoned home on Skylark Lane in Lake City has burned to the ground.

Neighbors in the area said the home that burned Saturday night into Sunday morning also caught fire a few months ago, but firefighters were able to knock the blaze down before the home burned completely.

"It's something you would never expect to happen. It would never happen here, it wouldn't happen in this community, it definitely wouldn't happen on this block...but uh, here it is," Tony McCall told Region 8 News.

Down the street, two concrete slabs indicate where the previous fires happened. Both of those homes were vacant as well.

At the most recent fire, the intensity of the blaze melted siding off of the homes next door.

McCall lives two doors down from the most recent fire. He's lived in the neighborhood for the past six and a half years. He told Region 8 News that the fires are resulting in more than just a loss of property.

"It's a pretty frightening thing to wake up in the middle of the night and fire trucks and police sirens and look out your window and there's a roaring fire right close to your property," McCall said. "There is some loss of peace of mind, tranquility, some sense that this thing could escalate."

Other neighbors we spoke with off camera say they're also upset that there's a new eye-sore on the street. The city was just able to clean up the most recent house fire a few weeks ago.

Lake City police say due to the nature of the fires, they do consider them suspicious. Police are investigating the fires.

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