Neighbors recognize tree with plaque in special ceremony

Neighbors recognize tree with plaque in special ceremony

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A special ceremony took place Tuesday morning in Jonesboro as a plaque was presented to the homeowner of 1305 South Main Street. Because of a tree in her yard, Jane Leblanc received a plaque from the state of Arkansas.

Director of Communications with the Arkansas Agriculture Department Adrian Barnes said they discovered the largest tree of its species in the state.

"This is the largest American Linden tree on record in Arkansas," Barnes said. "And it is a new member of the Arkansas Champion Tree Program."

The Champion Tree Program is organized by the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

"Arkansas champion trees are measured according to a bigness index," Barnes said. "So, most recently this American Linden measured 172 inches in circumference, 71 feet in crown spread and 276 feet in a total bigness index. Keep in mind that's also 86 feet tall."

The Craighead County Arkansas Forestry Commission Crew worked with Ms. Leblanc to measure the tree and get it registered on the list of Arkansas champions.

To commemorate the size of the tree and its placement as an Arkansas champion, a monument stone was placed.

The tree was first planted in 1900 by the homeowner's grandparents, Dr. J. L. and Ada Burns.

"Most of the champion trees are spread out fairly evenly across the state," Barnes said.

There are 120 champion trees in Arkansas. 10% of that list is found in northeast Arkansas.

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