Hotels to now have easier time locating in certain area of Jonesboro

Hotels to now have easier time locating in certain area of Jonesboro
Source: KAIT

Hotels will now have an easier time locating within a certain area of the city of Jonesboro.

Earlier this year, Jonesboro Planning and Zoning Director Otis Spriggs brought up inconsistencies in the city ordinance that kept hotels from locating on land zoned as "C-2".

"The C-2 district is known as the Downtown Fringe Area," Spriggs said. "Typically, it's an area that's supposed to be adjacent to downtown. However, there are some portions of the city, C-2 that are located away from downtown. This particular area is located in our hotel district."

With an ordinance passed in the city council Tuesday night, hotels will now be able to build on certain C-2 properties.

The newly defined "hotel corridor" is defined and bound by I-63 to the South, Caraway Road to the West, Richardson Drive to the East and Race Street to the North.

Spriggs said that there are hotels in that area right now on C-2 land.

"When you look at the existing hotels under this footprint, most of those are considered grandfathered in, meaning that they're not permitted in that district, which is pretty odd," Spriggs said. "What this ordinance does is it fixes that situation."

A memo to the city sent earlier this year stated that the current ordinances also don't allow for a special consideration to put a hotel in a C-2 zoning.

"If someone in the future were to come in and request a hotel in this hotel district that we've defined by ordinance, then they are required to submit a conditional use, which means it goes to the planning commission, for site plan," Spriggs said.

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